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[12.12 SPECIAL!] X-Tron


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ARTERO X-Tron with turbo function increases speed and torque by 20% and smart LCD control to indicate status of the hair clipper.

- Li-Ion polymer battery.
- 2 speeds.
- Quick charge: 90mins.
- Using time: 90mins.
- Titanium + Zirconia blade.
- No memory effect.
- Overcharge protection function.
- Lighter.
- After 300 cycles, still can keep more than 80% of initial capacity.
- Powerful and reliable LCD digital clipper.
- Main use is possible, cordless or with cord.
- Includes 2 plastics combs 3/6mm and 9/12mm, oil, cleaning brush, charging base and blade.
- Turbon function.
- Smart LCD.