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Powder for Stripping [H924]


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ARTERO Stripping Power ideal for stripping technique. 

Its drying effect avoids the hair to slide in between fingers, while using stripping knives, stripping stone, stripping -sticks, when pulling hairs.

Used as well to whiten areas of the dog in which the skin is visible, or where the hair could have stains, as well as to set the top of the head of the westies in competitions or exhibitions.


  • High absorption capacity of excess oil in the hair.
  • 100% calcium carbonate.

How to use
For commercial use, apply before the bath, so that the excess powder can be removed before the dog leaves the salon. When used to perform stripping, advisable to deep our fingers in the powder and not to spread it in the dog's coat, so that we avoid any excess making stripping difficult.

In order to whiten or to set the top of the head, apply some cream first, so that it fixes the powder always applied using a brush.

Size: 1000g