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Programmable Drying Cabin [S356]

ARTERO Singapore

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ARTERO Programmable Drying Cabin ideal for groomers of high performance / output, or when pushed for time.

Allows the groomer to work with more dogs per day, improving the quality of work, without reducing the quality of the service.

- Wheels with brakes.
- Extractable trays and divider.
- Time and temperature programmable.
- Constant information provided of the interior temperature and the remaining time.
- LCD illuminate screen.
- Totally Modular.

Electric area isolated from where the pet is.
- Double temperature control, max 37 degree celcius.
- Autonomous circuit checks any failure on the power unit.
- Safety manual button to switch it off.
- Heating element has a checking system, autonomous from the control board able to disconnect it.

For a total safety, the ARTERO Drying Cabin provides several systems:
- Digital control through a high technology micro-computer.
- Power elements (Heatings/Motor) control under electromagnetic.
- Interference and low voltage safety.