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Pretty Eyes 250ml [H646]


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Cleaner for the eye area of ​​the dog and cat for complete care of the entire area around the eyes and mouth where the fur was darkened.

Its usual helps prevent problems of active tear ducts.

Continued removes stains from eye areas 100%.

How to use:
Apply the product on a gauze or cotton pad and use on the darkened area around eyes area.

Full treatment: apply twice a day, morning and night.
As maintenance use twice a week.

Pretty Eyes, regulates the pH and eliminates the bacteria which cause these brown spots.
Bacteria that around on teeth,gums and also areas in contact with the mouth and nose cause these spots. For what we recommend apart from the use of Artero Pretty Eyes, we recommend Artero Ref. H685 cleaning thimbles or special brushes.

It contains among other ingredients:

  • Natural extract of rosemary leaves: they have smoothing properties that relieve irritation symptoms.
  • Chamomile Extract: It provides calming effect for the dermis of pet and it takes care of the perimeter area of ​​the eye.
  • Natural extract of thyme leaves:With its antimicrobial function will prevent infections.
  • Combination of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties allow the pets eyes maintain healthy and free of infections.

Available size: 250ml