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Hygiene Grooming Pack

Hygiene Grooming Pack

ARTERO Singapore

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Basic hygiene maintenance package for dogs.


Hygiene Grooming Pack includes:

  • Pretty Eyes 250ml [H646]
  • Speed Dry Shampoo 300ml [H633]
  • Aurigel Ear Cleaner 100ml [H640]
  • Disposable Teeth Cleaning Wipes [H685]
  • Disposable Eyes Cleaning Wipes [H686]
  • Disposable Ears Cleaning Wipes [H687]

Pretty Eyes 250ml

With regular use, helps combat the problem of over-active tear ducts around about the eye area. With correct use, will completely eliminate tear stains.
This lotion has been developed to gently care for the area around the eyes.
Regular use helps combat the problems caused by over-active tear ducts.
Guaranteed complete elimination of tear stains (when used as directed).

Speed Dry Shampoo 300ml

Speed is a professional grooming dry shampoo recommended for use between baths or when pet can't get wet. Great for extra volume for floppy coats.
This special shampoo recommended for use between baths or when the animal is unable to come into contact with water.
Fast and easy to use.
The components of this formula absorb excess oil and eliminates dirt and bad odours, leaving it soft, clean, and smelling fresh instantly. Just simply spray into the coat, the brush all of the dirt and oil right out!
This product is great for in the Grooming Salon for adding extra volume to floppy coats, such as poorly coated Poodles, Bichons, or on Westie heads and drop coated breed getting pet trims. Will save time and frustration when trying to get the perfect finish!

Aurigel Ear Cleaner 100ml

Gel for cleaning dogs. Easy to use and very effective. Eliminates any ear wax or dirt. Contains Tea-tree Oil. Adequate for all breeds.
Specifically developed for easy application.
It comes in a gel form, but when comes into contact with the skin it forms a liquid, rapidly penetrating and dissolving excess dirt and wax.
Thanks to an extremely gentle, non-ionic surfactant, it cleans without changing skin's balance.
Tea-tree oil being the principle active ingredient, aids the disinfecting and deep cleansing properties of Aurigel.
Good for use after bath or swimming to remove excess liquid/moisture that may have entered the canal.
No greasy residue, whatsoever.

Disposable Teeth Cleaning Wipes


Cleaning thimbles for dogs and cats teeth. The quickest and easiest way to keep your pet's teeth clean and healthy. Suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds and ages. Especially formulated to correct bad breath and reduce tartar plaque. Each pack contains 50 units. Close the lid of the container to keep the new thimbles in optimal condition. 

Disposable Eyes Cleaning Wipes

Removes tear stains from around the eye. Fast and easy to use, assuring that the eye area of the dog is clean and stain-free. Eye cleaning wipes for dogs.
Artero's thimbles for eyes are the quickest and easiest way to keep your pets eyes clean and healthy.
Especially formulated to eliminate tear stains and any other secretions of the eyes.
This soft formula is suitable to be used for both cats and dogs.
50 units.

Disposable Ears Cleaning Wipes

Ear cleaning thimbles for pets. Fast and easy to use. Ear cleaning wipes. Ear cleaning wipes keep our pets´ ears healthy for longer.
Artero ears thimbles are the quickest and most hygienic way to keep your pets’ ears clean and healthy.
Especially formulated to eliminate earwax and dirt in the external area of the ear.
This formula is suitable to be used for both cats and dogs.
50 units.