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Double Comb 23cm [P304]


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Comb for dogs and cats with extra long spike of 3.3cm.

Professional double width comb with blue aluminium oval grip.

For use while scissoring on a medium to large dog. 
Made specifically with Dog Shows and Grooming Competitions in mind, where the perfect finish is of utmost importance.
Works perfectly at getting through any type of coat, from root to tip.
Extremely lightweight, making it very easy on the wrist and hands.
Finishing comb, not to be used for dematting or removing large matts. 



  • Chrome finish.
  • Pin length: 3,3cm.
  • Comb length: 23 cm.
  • Narrow spikes: 62
  • Wide spikes: 46
  • Not suitable for removing knots

Size: 19cm x 3cm