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Drop Coat Grooming Pack

Drop Coat Grooming Pack

ARTERO Singapore

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Basic care package for drop coated dogs.


Drop Coat Grooming Pack includes:

  • Hidratante Shampoo 250ml [H624]
  • Keratin Vital Concentrated Conditioner 100ml [H672]
  • Flash Nutritive Shine Conditioner 300ml [H634] 
  • Double Flexible Small Slicker [P316]
  • Double Comb 19cm [P249]
  • Mix Conditioner Spray 250ml [H695]

Hidratante Shampoo 250ml

Moisturizing shampoo for dogs, restores dry hair instantly, regenerates and deeply nourishes while bringing softness and shine to your pet.
About the Product.
An ideal shampoo for long-haired breeds (Yorkshire, Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Afghan, etc.) and on dry, damaged coats.
Very mild with a base of natural surface-active agents, the relaxing properties of this shampoo produce a calming effect on the skin.
The vitamin complex deeply nourishes the coat, while the moisturizing and oil restoring components help recover the natural texture of the hair, leaving it soft, shiny and full of vitality.

Keratin Vital Concentrated Conditioner 100ml 

Conditioner for dogs and cats that revives instantly the shine and softness to the coat, Softer coat and easier to brush through.
A conditioner that instantly restores the softness and shine of natural hair, achieving a silky, easy-to-brush look.
Keratin regenerates damaged hair and by adding more weight, it hangs better and increases the hair's straightness.
Can be applied to wet coat after shampoo bath and either be left in, rinsed through, or rinsed out depending on coats needs.
Mix 3-4 pumps into our Fine Misting Spray Bottle with warm water and used as a flat ironing spray to protect from heat, or finishing spray to help settle down unruly fly-aways.
Can be used as a deep conditioning treatment by applying directly to wet coat after bath and allowing it to sit in coat for 20 minutes. Rinse through coat, dry as usual, and then finish by flat ironing coat to seal in Keratin treatment. Helps straighten, protect, and promote healthy, beautiful coat growth.
Pump included.

Flash Nutritive Shine Conditioner 300ml

It gives extraordinary shine and silky results to all coats.
The careful selection of its components gives a non-greasy, conditioning effect which allows it's use as a softener on a dry coat, giving it a shiny invisible film that prevents tangling and helps brushing.
Makes for a fantastic fluffing spray when drying after a bath. A light spray over sections as you brush will give the coat a beautiful shine and fragrance that will last for weeks!
Perfect for a shiny finish right before they get picked up from the grooming salon, before they go into a show ring, or even when you're expecting company at home!

Double Flexible Small Slicker

Nominated Product of the Year 2017
Very soft double-sided flexible slicker.
The Black side is for d-matting, featuring pins aligned in straight rows to quickly and gently separate matts, and the grey side is for brushing.
Very smooth and flexible, helping to save coat and time.
Can help in reducing wrist injuries caused by repetitive motion while brushing and de-matting

Double Comb 19cm

Professional double width comb with blue aluminium oval grip.
Made specifically with Dog Shows and Grooming Competitions in mind, where the perfect finish is of utmost importance.
The special thin teeth help to reach deep into the coat, combing up every hair without leaving behind any lines.
Reduces static in the coat, helping separate hairs that are sticking to one another.
Effortlessly glides through the coat, giving maximum volume.
Works perfectly at getting through any type of coat, from root to tip.
Extremely lightweight, making it very easy on the wrist and hands.
Ideal for all breeds.

Mix Conditioner Spray 250ml

Multiphase spray conditioner for dry or wet hair. Helps brushing out while giving the coat extra volume, smoothness and shine. Aids drying.
About the Product:
Its anti-static properties allow for brushing to be effortless.
Able to de-matt and keep matt free between brushing.
Its volumizing effect allows for a better finish in dense, curly and long coats.
How to use?
Shake well, then spray the area and begin brushing. When using on a wet coat, towel dry first.
Then, spray mix and begin brushing. No need to rinse out product, just dry into the coat.
when using on a dry coat, spray directly on the coat and begin to brush.
Can also be used as a scissoring spray.