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Large Slicker Wooden Handle [P756]


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Do you want to find a slicker brush suitable for your pet?

This item is specially designed for :
 1) Ideal for Medium/ Larger breeds, Such as Standard Schnauzers, Miniature-Standard Poodles, and similar sized breeds. 
 2) Poodle and similar sized breeds
 3) Everyday use
 4) Beginner groomer

ARTERO Slicker Wooden Handle grooming tool with soft pins that will not harm the skin when brushing your dog or cat, and it is very suitable for beginners to use. Soft enough for everyday use on skin, yet sturdy enough use for everyday use in a high volume salon. 

Softness Level: Soft

Wooden handle. Stainless Steel Pins.

Sizes available:

  • Extra small: 4.5cm x 6cm.
  • Small: 4.5cm x 9cm,
  • Large: 5.5cm x 11cm.
  • Extra Large: 8cm x 12.5cm.