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[12.12 SPECIAL!] Black 2M Dryer/Blower


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ARTERO Black 2M Dryer/Blower super power of 3000W, with the capabilities of both dryer and blower. Adjustable airflow up to 320 CFM (150l/s) with heat temperature goes up to maximum of 52°C.

Despite the in-built two motors, it is very portable and weigh 6.7kg. It comes with 70cm to 200cm flexible tube, and also 3 different nozzles attachment included.

Simple maintenance and fuss free, two filter of sponges easily to remove and clean.

Highly recommended for dogs with long-hair or dense coat such as Golden Retriever, Husky, Chow Chow etc, greatly reduce the drying process.


- Elegant and powerful 2 motors Dryer & Blower.
- Super power 3000W.
- Adjustable temperature (max. 52oC).
- Functional button to adjust air ow to 320 CFM (150l/s).
- Portable and light (6,7Kg).
- Flexible tube from 70cm to 200cm.
- 3 Nozzles included.