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Buckle [F343]


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Hairdressing case to wear at the waist or on the shoulder.
Ideal to take with you and keep all the material of scissors, combs, knives and tools.

  • 1 Large pocket on the back.
  • 4 Narrow departments for scissors or knives in the middle area of ​​the sheath.
  • 1 Medium pocket in the front area.
  • Includes adjustable nylon strap to hang on the shoulder.
  • It can be opened at the bottom of the cover so that all departments are accessible and can be cleaned perfectly. Colour: Black
  • Synthetic material. Appearance similar to leather and similar to suede on the left laterial looking frontally.
  • Clasps with brackets.
  • Blank edging.
  • 2 adjustable front buckles.
  • Artero plate on the lower front of the case.