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ARTERO Energy hair clipper with 5 speeds for smooth clipping of thin to thick hair. Charge for 3 hours and can be used 2 times the duration of 6 hours.

Li-Ion battery with no memory effect, after hundreds of charging cycle and able to keep majority of the initial capacity.

LCD control system display speed, and battery duration before need charging. Battery duration is proportion to the speed used, indicating higher speed will reduce the battery available time. Know when to charge when needed.

Energy clipper with ceramic blade with titanium coating, ensure the blade retain sharpness after long usage, and titanium coating prevent it from rusting. Adjustable cutting height, straight blade edge from 1 to 1.9mm.

Light weighted of only 220gram, perfect for professional hair stylist and professional groomer. Minimize hand fatigue even after long usage of clipping.

Use for human hair, and dog or cat grooming.

ARTERO Energy comes with 2 plastics combs 3/6mm and 9/12mm, oil and brush for maintenance, as well as a charging base. Can be used with cord or cordless for convenience.