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Terrier Palm Pad Black [P210]


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Dog mitten for brushing or preparing for Stripping technique.

ARTERO Terrier Palm Pad Black grooming tool for Terrier dog breed, or medium-short/short coated dog. It helps to easily tidy a terrier's coat. Great for smoothing down back coats. 


Simple and easy grooming tool for home grooming, also for professional groomer.


  • Chrome-plated spike with fully rounded pin.
  • Big palm pad 13cm x 8cm with 1.5cm rounded chrome pin and back strap to put the the hand through and have a better hold.
  • It is great for being used for the coat where desired to add volume, as in when building Miniature Schnauzer legs or similarly styled breeds. 
  • Can be used to comb terriers legs and faces.