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Mix Conditioner Spray 250ml [H695]

ARTERO Singapore

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Multi-stage dog spray conditioner in wet or dry hair.
Spray without rinsing.
Help in brushing providing softness, shine and unique perfume with a spectacular and immediate finish.
Multi-stage Spray Conditioner without rinsing. Its anti-friction effect achieves greater sliding during brushing reducing our effort and time.
With the Artero Mix you will promote even faster drying.
Applying the Artero Mix keeps hair loose without knots for longer.
It provides volume and a better finish in dogs even in long hairs.

  • 250ml container.
  • Contains Spray dispenser.
  • When applying product cover the eyes and mucous membranes of the pet.
  • External use.

In dry hair:
  • Shake previously.
  • Apply the spray all over the mantle about 25cm.
  • Brush by layers or comb.
  • Also suitable for moistening before cutting.

In wet hair:
  • Shake previously.
  • Use after bath and towel drying.
  • Apply Spray about 25cm throughout the mantle.
  • Brush by opening layers and removing tangles.
  • Not clarify.
  • Then dry with dryer or ejector.