Matt-X 300ml [H647]


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Powerful detangler for dogs and cats.
Fast and easy to apply.
Undo tangles and prevent hair breakage
Promotes brushing and eliminates static hair flow thanks to its non-greasy conditioning effect.

  1. Apply the spray 50cm distance from the knot and brush with a card or brush depending on the level of caking of the knots.
  2. Suitable for use on dry or wet hair.
  3. It does not need rinsing.

Presentation in a 300 ml container with spray

Artero Matt-X is awarded in the USA as a product of the year in 2016

Contains among other ingredients:

  • Amodimethicone: Synthetic conditioner of high power covering the surface of the hair that provides flexibility and elasticity of detangling instantly.
  • Citric: Active that is found naturally in citrus fruits (mainly in lemons) that allows thanks to its low pH close the hair cuticles and apply shine to the mantle assembly.It can be used wet or dry as needed.
    • Centromunium Chloride: Instant conditioner with antistatic effect that neutralize electrical charges and allows to obtain more laminated mantles without excessive antistatic volumes. 
    • Silicone Quaternium: In the same structure, it combines a potentiating conditioner with a carionic fixative that converts it into a conditioning agent that will be fixed where the hair is most balanced, thus optimizing the effectiveness of the applied asset and increasing the effect of the product on the coatings that are more punished areas than others, it is often areas of the tips that have suffered more aggressions by the sun, brushing, etc.

    *Artero is a company that respects the environment, therefore, in addition to the care of the skin and hair of our pets, we take care of the well-being and environment that surrounds us.

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    Available size: 300ml