The eyes is the window of the soul.

Excessive tear stain could badly affect the appearance on the eye area, with red-brown colored stain, and regardless of breeds, tear stain on white dog is much obvious.

ARTERO Pretty Eyes is developed for gently care for area around the eyes. Helps to combat problems caused by over-active tear ducts.

Tear stain could be caused by various conditions and it is recommended to seek a veterinary ophthalmologist for any underlying illness.

*ARTERO Pretty Eyes only eliminate eye stain and does not act as a treatment option for causing tear stain.

How to apply?
Apply the product on a gauze that is soaked (almost dripping) and apply in the darkened area.

When in full treatment apply twice a day, day and night.

As maintenance use twice a week, and see results in 1 month.

Contains among other ingredients:
Natural extract of rosemary leaves: they have soothing properties that relieve the symptoms of irritations.

Chamomile Extract: With its active ingredients, it provides soothing principles for the dermis of animals and in this application takes care of the perimetral area of ​​the eye.

Natural extract of thyme leaves: With its antimicrobial action protects the animal from possible infections.
Combination of molecules whose antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties allow the maintenance of the animal's eyes healthy and free of infections.